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"To Stay"

An onslaught of emotions.
Fear much too intense to bear.

These were probably the most efficacious emotions gyrating, twisting in the wrecked tom's soul and mind, an alien typhoon of clashing pain and sickness that was behind the utter turmoil within the young warrior. 

In that moment his heart had been pounding, beating so ferociously he feared that it would burst from his chest. Every one of the boy’s limbs and every single thought screamed in tandem as he, albeit fruitlessly, lunged instinctively for the collapsed she-cat tossed so haphazardly, so carelessly in the reeking clearing. In that trice, time seemed to have warped, to have slackened to such a profound slow, he felt as if he were submerged in water and the only audible thing was each slow ‘dong’ of his heart in his ears. Breath snagged in his throat, he struggled to breathe and although he wasn't crying, he felt as if his soul was dripping out through his toes and he couldn't stop it.
He couldn't do anything.
But watch as his whole heart crumbled right in front of him.
He’d watch it die.

His entire frame melded as Jaggedstep took its fall.


Screaming, hollering war cries vibrated off of the stiff bodies of the topiaries that flecked the slippery, ugly scape, black fronds seeming to meld in with the dark sky. His senses seemed entirely blocked by the pandemonium blooming all around him - but it hadn't’ve mattered. His sole focus had been purely on her. And for a moment, just a tick of time, the turbid frenzy exploding all around them was gone. The shouting, hollering, crimson felines gone. The madness, the carnage, the cries of agony... It was just her. He had run over to her, despite the throbbing ache bursting throughout his body like wildflowers, despite the slashes he’d gotten on every place imaginable on his body - his face, his flank - none of it meant a thing.StarClan he had to be there. Watertiger’s sister Laughingbrook, and Rushingwaters had already been by her. 


“I'll stay with her.”

He could tell the older tom was at once tentative of the proposition, wary of him perhaps. He couldn’t blame him. Not really. The moment had been so lucid and clear in his mind, probably in Rushingwaters’ too. Probably in everyone’s - Her Clanmates, her family, his, and to the desires, sneers and cravings of those worthless, obscene fleabags and their inconceivably loathsome “leader”. The emotions coursing throughout him at the time had hardly faded. Inability and hopelessness had swallowed him up in their vast, gnawed in his stomach, ‘teetered’ with his mind and clung like thorns.
It had, without a doubt, nauseated him. He'd almost lost his best friend… 

At this time, Rushingwaters and the rest had been gone.

The only sound there was to hear was the medicine cats shuffling around softly mumbling and sorting - herbs? - and the moderate ‘whooshling’ of the wind outside, whisking away topiary fronds.
His shoulder ached from where he had been scratched and battered... only now could he really feel its wake, endorphins seemingly at lack from his drain of adrenaline. Though, it hardly mattered anymore.

The tabby tom took a breath, letting it out with a trembling, breathy sigh, his gaze unfocused as he stared into the depths of the den, a soft frown on his muzzle, his brow purled in a dejected sort of way. Nightchaser gulped down the dry knot in his throat, his mouth and tongue - and the entirety of his esophagus, he could argue - feeling desert-like, as if he had accidentally swallowed down some of the dust particles flittering about lazily in the torrid air.

 StarClan had probably gained many warriors, a thought struck.
But they hadn't gained her.

Coiling around his best friend in a snug swathe, he pressed his dirty, stained head to hers, his nose to her nose. He spoke to her with words of his forever being by her side - a breath of promise, a sort of beg for a second chance.

He wondered once if she could hear them, his words. Wondered if she could tell, could feel the earnesty in his voice, the passion in his tears. Once he’d even considered her hearing them, seeing everything in her dreams. Images congregating in her soundless, resting mind piece by piece, a murmur of his words befalling her thoughts. In his heart of hearts, his words weren't a fable, but a vow. An earnest, stringent oath, a promise - a truth, the truest words he could ever in his years of living think of or muster.
Never had any words been so true. 

To her ear, as silent and out of the reach of all else’s, he avowed this. Every waking second he did. 

He had to protect her. For StarClan’s sake, he'd be there.

He'd never let go. 
To Stay
Last minute TWG prompt game on straight up FLEEK
Sablefur - TWG by YHinne
Sablefur - TWG

"Wisdom is knowing the right path to take...
...integrity is taking it."

Name: Sablekit - Sablepaw - Sablefur

Gender: Female
Age: 38 moons (adult/3 years)
Rank: Warrior
Clan: MoonClan
Former: SnowClan
Mentor/Apprentice: n/a
Has mentored: Twilightsong
Was mentored by: Ravenflight

Mate: Sunstorm (whereabouts unknown; presumed dead)

Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Attracted to: Male

Pelt: Medium-furred, "sable" colored, dark brown marble swirls
Breed: Marbled tabby; Moggy
Eyes: Amber

[Kind - Careful - Cheery - Tactful - Intelligent - Fiery]

Resourceful, intelligent and kind to a fault, Sablefur is actually a sweet cat with an enormous heart. She is the sister of Rookfeather, and mother to her two sons, Timberpaw and Howlingpaw (affectionately nicknamed, "Timmy" and "Howl"). She is hugely protective over her kittens, and motherly and intelligent with an massive capacity for compassion and kindness, sometimes even for OtherClanners. A brilliant thinker, she always thinks things through first before executing. This is chiefly because she has had more than enough experiences with how cunning life could be, and as a result, she keeps careful on her paws and sorts through both the pros and cons of certain, if not, all situations. Since the disappearance of Sunstorm, her mate, she has been trying to be more outgoing and showing a positive spirit - particularly around her kittens. However, the impact of his vanishing causing more turmoil on her heart than her behavior shows on the outside (for she's learned to conceal her feelings well), Sablefur has a callivous mind, believing that it's her own fault for her disappeared, possibly "deceased" mate. Though, she doesn't tend to dwell on that sort of thought and instead lets her sons's well-being and safety take her attention most, if not all, of the time. Mostly throughout though, she can be overly uptight and far too absorbed in family ethics to focus on relaxation or any "me-time". Instead of asking someone to watch her kits while she stretches or something, she never leaves her kittens's sides. Sablefur is also incredibly strong-willed and fierce, and doesn't take lightly to being undermined or insulted by anyone. But despite these... "serious" of sorts of traits, Sablefur has another side to her; one that's zealous, imaginative, and aspiring. She enjoys humor, fun and games, and quality time with her loved ones, and is commonly seen playing around with her kits.
All in all, Sablefur is a kind, loving and motherly she-cat. She has a heart made of the purest of gold, and a consideration like pure waters. She cares deeply for her Clanmates and loved ones.  

-Tactical/ Strategic

-Prone to over-heating in hotter climates
-Fur is un-blendable with the snow
-Can't climb rocks

    - Born to Tricklebirch and Robinfeather
    - Rookkit is born later on through her life
    - She graduates from a kit to an apprentice, and her brother does so too soon after
    - Hawkwish dies

    - Went to her first gathering and befriended Sunpaw of Fireclan
    - She also spoke to Crookedpaw and Wolfsong

    - Graduated from an apprentice to a warrior
    - Goes to a gathering and chats and plays with Sunpaw again
    - feeling the need to be with him a little longer, Sablefur breaks the code and follows Sunpaw into Fireclan.
    - Finding it dangerous to play around the base of the Fireclan territory (where her scent would be easily distinguished) they travel to another area - SkyClan's old camp. There, Sunpaw reveals his feelings for her, and she, fearing that Starclan would punish them, told him that they should stay friends.

    - Participates in a territorial war against Dawnclan.
    - They return victorious.

    - Crystalstar is killed, and Sablefur, along with her clan-mates and especially Rookfeather, mourn her death.
    - A Fox attacks, and some of her clan-mates are injured.
    - The Fox flees towards Dawnclan.

    - She is then informed that Fireclan has encountered a big flood ( one in which Kindlestar went missing) and had to temporarily relocate to the Gathering Place. 
    - Out of worry, she searches for Sunpaw, and after being unsuccessful in finding him, she distresses upon thinking that Sunpaw had been swept away by the flood. However, much to her joy and relief, Sunstorm, in turn, finds her instead and she is happy that he has not been killed or missing.
    - She and Sunstorm speak to eachother again, and he hints that he will be seeing her in Snowclan 

    - Sunstorm comes to Snowclan. They play around and chat for a bit and eventually leads to Sablefur confessing her feelings for him.
    - They become mates, and they live happily ever after.

    - Sablefur is there when Fallenstar asks Echostar to help him in a war against PebbleClan, DawnClan and FireClan

    - The Great War starts
    - Talks with Sunstorm during the battle

    - The Great War ends.
    - Sundancer, Rookfeather's mate, is pregnant
    - Sunstorm "dies" and she goes into a deep depression
    - Saplingtail then tells her that she is pregnant

    - The fire breaks out and Sablefur, after being relocated to a safer place, gives birth to Howlingkit and Timberkit
    - The Journey begins, during which time she, along with a couple of others are caught in a rock-slide
    - Eventually makes it to the New Territories

    - "Dreamstar" and her rogues take over SnowClan, taking most of SnowClan's members hostage. However Sablefur, the queens and kits, and the medicine cats evacuate.
    - Takes refuge in MoonClan. 
    - Saplingtail, SnowClan's medicine cat, is killed by one of Dreamstar's rogues.
    - The war begins and Sablefur and the kits and queens are safe in a safe, secluded(?) area (Or so that's what I'm imagining)

    - Dreamstar is killed off and the Clans split into two: MoonClan and SunClan. Sablefur chooses to abide in MoonClan.
    - Tba
    - Timberkit and Howlingkit become apprentices

   Father: Robinfeather
   Mother: Tricklebirch
    Siblings: Rookfeather
Mate: Sunstorm
Kits: Timberpaw and Howlingpaw

Bullet; Yellow = Stranger | Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow = Curious of 
Bullet; Green = Acquaintance | Bullet; GreenBullet; Green = Friend
Bullet; Blue = Good Friend | Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue = Best Friend
Bullet; Purple = Family | Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple = Related to
Bullet; Orange = Ally | Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange = Respects
Bullet; Red = Likes (platonic) Bullet; RedBullet; Red = Loves
Bullet; White = Uncertain of/wary 
Bullet; Black = Dislikes | Bullet; BlackBullet; Black = Hates/abhors/loathes
Bullet; Pink = Crush 
[X] [strike] -Deceased/dead


-She was initially going to be in FireClan (which is why her fur's been looking really sleek for a long time)
-In the beginning, before Sunstorm, I was planning to make Rookfeather and Sablefur mates, but the rules wouldn't allow for it, so now they're siblings. It's super gross to think about it now.
- She loves FireClan and the fish in the Flamepond
- She had like, 4-5 design changes until this final one. Later on, I was going to color her pelt a dark red to match with her name. I dropped it though.
-I never gave much thought to her personality or her history in the beginning - I just found a base, designed her, wrote that she was very curious and then that was it. |D
She was actually supposed to be based off of Kiara (cliche? probably lol) from The Lion King but after a while, Sablefur sort of developed her own personality along the way
-She was created on August 26, 2012 I believe lol
- Her pelt is the absolute, flat out struggle

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