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Sablefur TWG by YHinne Sablefur TWG by YHinne
:bulletwhite: Changed her picture, and plastered it on the new Snowclan reference sheet.
:bulletwhite: Added some scars she received from The Great War.
:bulletwhite: Slightly altered her relations.
:bulletwhite: Added a trivia
:bulletwhite: Added her history


Name Sablekit - Sablepaw - Sablefur
Age 33 + moons
Gender She-cat
DoB August 26 
Clan Snowclan
Rank Warrior
Mate Sunstorm  (forbidden)


Breed Typical Marbled cat
Eyes Soft Amber
Pelt Sablefur's pelt is utmost and basically soft to the touch, long, and very warm, enabling her to easily keep warm in Snowclan territory. She is a classic marbled tabby with darker brown ears, dark peach paw pads, and a dark golden brown underbelly that can be seen also on all of her legs.
Smell Sablefur has a strong mountainous scent, automatically telling other clan cats that she is from Snowclan.
Body Sablefur is a fairly sized she-cat with long legs, enabling her to pounce very well
Other If you took a closer look at the bottom of her paws, you'd notice that the very tip of all of her legs has the same purplish-grey-ish color.


Intelligent/wittyDutifulCarefulPrivateKind-hearted ]

[ Bullet; GreenIntelligent/witty ] - One thing her parents definitely didn't raise was a buffoon. From the moment that Sablefur opened their eyes, she encouraged her own young mind to grow by her naturally inquisitive nature at birth and eagerness to know everything that she set her eyes on. By the time she was nearly an apprentice, she had the thought that she needed to know everything that she was concerned about and fixed on before entering the apprentice stage and learning things more quickly. Thus, Sablefur was often seen having full-fledged conversations with her parents (and at times, even with her brother, Rookfeather)--asking questions and making statements as though she were their equal, feeling the need to discovering all that she could of her gradually growing world; and having no intention of going out ill-prepared. Thus, Sablefur's mind was constantly opened and embracing every detail of information she could see and observe with a young and gaped intellect. She asked a lot of questions and got a lot answers.

[ Bullet; Green | Dutiful] - Sablefur has an amazingly strong sense of purpose when it comes to the benefits and well-being of her clan. She acknowledges the fact that she is just an ordinary warrior in Snowclan, and doesn't consider herself much in a separate role, but she takes her duties very seriously. Sablefur is always on task and will be the first to get a job done when ordered to, never one to procrastinate or complain. She has a valiant way about her and will go through great lengths to better her clan and get an task completed.

[ :bulletgreen:Careful ] - Now matter what, Sablefur will always be that extra pair of eyes and ears around someone to make sure that absolutely nothing can go wrong. She is very perceptive and notorious for keeping her eyes peeled and watching. She feels responsible for the ones she cares for or for those in which she is allied with and will do her best to be looking out whoever when they're not even thinking about it; prepared to be the look out if nobody else is. Sablefur finds the act of being careful dainty, delicate work and is always silently checking over things twice as she does them--it will be surprising if this she-cat misses any, single detail, with the exception of minor misplacements or calculations.

:bulletred:/:bulletyellow: | Private] - Her isolation with personal subjects is something Sablefur has oddly, just recently inherited; it is hard for her to admit almost anything to anyone about herself containing something she's got to hide. With this trait, it doesn't even take anyone being very comfortable and trusting around her for her to admit anything she considers very confidential; thus, prefers to keep certain knowledge private and to mostly only herself. For her, secretive information is something that shouldn't be passed around as gossip or anything amongst the clans, especially if it means that she is prone to suffer and be looked down upon for it. With this being said, Sablefur can even be capable of being so private to the point that she won't even tell you how she is feeling, too cautious with the personal information she, at times, may hold. She may share stuff like her favorite prey, her friends, family, clan-related things, and such, but anything deep down is locked away, not intended for anyone's ears.

[ :bulletgreen: | Kind-hearted ] -  She's got a heart made out of the purest gold, and consideration like purified waters. Her compassion, and gentleness is always the first trait noticed about her, thus she is hardly disrespected as a result for it. She is rarely displeased and hard to anger, perhaps easy to worry but not to the point in where she vividly wants to know that someone is dead. Likewise, holding grudges against anyone is something that comes as erratic to Sablefur, although she appears to show great integrity if any situation goes rough. Sablefur is courteous, refined and friendly, and despite her degree of isolation, will not be afraid to drop any "hellos" or friendly chatting, for an anti-social cat is something Sablefur is not.

:bulletgreen: Strategic/Tactful
:bulletgreen: Reasonable
:bulletgreen: Dutiful
:bulletgreen: Relies on defense rather than strength
:bulletgreen: Leaping/jumping

:bulletred: Prone to over-heating in hot climates
:bulletred: Can't climb rocks
:bulletred: Fur is un-blendable with the snow
:bulletred: Strength

:bulletwhite:She was originally going to be in Fireclan (which is why her fur's been looking really sleek for a long time)
:bulletwhite:Originally, she was going to be mates with Rhinne's Wolfsong, even after she met Sunstorm.
:bulletwhite:In the beginning, before Sunstorm and Wolfsong, I was planning to make Rookfeather and Sablefur mates, but the rules wouldn't allow for it, so now they're siblings.
:bulletwhite: In the beginning (around the time I first joined the guild) waay before Sablesun, and the gathering in which they met, I always thought that she and Sunstorm ('paws at the time) would make a cute couple.
:bulletwhite: I had no idea that she and Suntorm were even going to speak to eachother.
:bulletwhite: She loves Fireclan and their fish, even though she is capable of being easily worn out and prone to overheating.
:bulletwhite: She had like, 4-5 design changes until this final one. Later on, I was going to color her pelt as a dark red to match with her name. I dropped it though.
:bulletwhite: I never gave much thought to her personality or her history - I just found a base, designed her, wrote that she was very curious and then that was it. |D

August 26 2012
- Born along with her brother, Rookkit\ technically "created"
- Parents were Tricklebirch and Robinfeather
- She and Rookkit Graduates from kits to apprentices.
September 3rd, 2012
- She is sad that Hawkish has been killed
October 20, 2012
- Went to her first gathering and befriended Sunpaw of Fireclan
- She also spoke to Crookedpaw and Wolfsong
November 12, 2012
- Graduated from an apprentice to a warrior
January 3, 2013
- Goes to a gathering and chats and plays with Sunpaw.
- feeling the need to be with him a little longer, Sablefur breaks the code and follows Sunpaw into Fireclan.
- Finding it dangerous to play around the base of the Fireclan territory (where her scent would be easily distinguished) they travel to another area.
- Sunpaw catches a fish and later, out of her curiosity, he lets her eat half - to which she loved.
- Sunpaw leads her to the old Skyclan camp (to her amazement) and they enjoy their time there.
- Sunpaw then reveals his feelings for her, and she, fearing that Starclan would punish them, told him that they should stay friends (despite secretly reciprocating his feelings)
May 3rd, 2013
- Participates in a territorial war against Dawnclan.
- They return victorious.
June 25, 2013
- Crystalstar is killed, and Sablefur, along with her clan-mates and especially Rookfeather, mourn her death.
August 29, 2013
- A Fox attacks, and some of her clan-mates are injured.
- The Fox flees towards Dawnclan.
( Before a gathering on September 21, 2013 )
- She is then informed that Fireclan has encountered a big flood ( one in which Kindlestar went missing) and had to temporarily relocate to the Gathering Place.
-Out of worry, she searches for Sunpaw, and after being unsuccessful in finding him, she is in great distress upon thinking that Sunpaw had been swept away by the flood. However, much to her joy and relief, Sunstorm, in turn, finds her instead and she is happy that he has not been killed by the harsh waters.
- She and Sunstorm speak to eachother again, and he hints that he will be seeing her in Snowclan
- Despite being upset because she had to leave, (as she was the last of her clan-mates to return home and because she had just found out that he was safe right before the clans started to disperse) Sablefur got the hint and was excited to know that Sunstorm was going to visit her in Snowclan.
October 30, 2013
- Sablefur finds that Sunstorm has come to Snowclan, and in result, is extremely ecstatic.
- She and Sunstorm both play around in the snow for a while before settling down at the icepool.
- At the icepool, they chat for a bit and this eventually leads into her finally confessing her feelings for him.
- They become mates, and they live happily ever after.
June 19, 2014
- Sablefur finds that the Moonclan leader, Fallenstar, has entered Snowclan and asks for the help of Echostar to fend off against Fireclan, Dawnclan,and Pebbleclan in a war.
- Echostar agrees to aid them.
July 17, 2014
- The Great War starts
- However, things start to get messy for Sablefur, and she runs into Sunstorm
- To be continued
September 1st, 2014
- The Great War ends.
September 2nd, 2014
- Her brother Rookfeather, is to become a dad because Sundancer is announced pregnant, meaning Sablefur will become an aunt to their kits and a sister-in-law to Sundancer.

:bulletred: - Love
:heart:- Mate
:bulletorange: -Family
:bulletyellow: -Crush/attraction
:bulletgreen: -Friend/Aquaintance
:bulletblue: -Close Friend
:bulletpurple: -Respect/honor
:bulletwhite: -Uncertainty
:bulletblack: -Dislike/abhor/hate/loathe
:bulletpink: -Apprentice
[X] [strike] -Deseased/dead

[Moonclan] :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletpurple:
There's a lot of things I can say about this perplexed clan. Fallenstar is their leader, and according to everything he has done in the past, he wasn't really a great one. He lied to us, and he tricked Echostar into believing that Moonclan was worthy enough of our help. He didn't tell us about what his clan had done to Pebbleclan and Dawnclan, or to Fireclan. And worst of all, he got even Starclan incapacitated from his crimes. However, after everything that happened, and the resolvings that took place, Starclan was gracious enough to let Fallenstar keep his occupation and his life, but he has to prove to them that he is liable enough to withhold having the 'star' behind the prefix of his name. I'm still wary of him, but I feel that he can do it."

[SnowClan] :bulletred::bulletorange::bulletpurple:

Crystalstar:bulletpurple:[X] - Crystalstar was the leader for Snowclan before Echoctar's and Pearlstar's reign. Sablefur hadn't communicated much with her before she passed away, but she acknowledged her as a fit and fair leader, with determination of keeping her clan well, and Sablefur was very upset to see her go.

Rookfeather:bulletpurple::bulletorange::bulletred: "Rookfeather is the only brother I have, and I definitely love him more than a lot of things. Yeah, he can be a big pain in the butt, reckless, and so embarrassing that at times, I really want to disclaim him as blood, but he's also a big goofball, and cunning, and has a good heart that portrays him as a good tom, and a pleasure to me as a brother; I wouldn't trade Rookfeather for anything. That idiot means a lot to me even though he's reckless, and has numerous mouse-brain times, but It still doesn't take away how much I love him--he's still the only blood family I got, and my best friend. He and Sundancer are now mates, and she is finally pregnant - he's going to be a father, and I'll have me some nieces and nephews!"

Crookedflame:bulletgreen::bulletpurple:- "I talked to him only once during my first gathering as an apprentice. He really didn't think the whole thing was eventful, so he claimed, and so, didn't want to mingle with other cats--saying that there was no point in it and such. Although he did have a good reason for it: I wouldn't want to get too close to another cat from a differen't clan only to fight them in potential battles and skirmishes. Over-all, Crookedflame was always the biggest grump in Snowclan; always having arguments with Saplingtail, and being really hard to talk to without him verbally shoving you away, or giving you one of those agitated facial gestures. I think he's even gotten kits afraid of him when he was still around. But...I'm sure even they still looked up to him and respected him not only as a good medicine cat, but as a good cat in general - and I'll always miss that in him. Crookedflame's gone to Starclan a little while ago now, and it was very tough on all of us when we heard of it - and even now, it still feels kind of empty without him walking to and fro, out and in of camp with a jaw full of medicinal herbs. I'll miss him. I still do."

Sundancer:bulletpurple::bulletgreen:- " I really don't know what she sees in that goofy, dork-ish looking brother of mine, but I really am glad that those two are finally together; and that just means that Rookfeather will be coming back to me twice as much as he did talking about her when he was an apprentice - It's so cute of him, now that he's got his very own priority to look after now. I'm so excited - she's pregnant!"

[Pebbleclan] :bulletpurple::bulletwhite:
:bulletpurple::bulletwhite: "I don't believe that Snowclan has any type of major quarrel with them, I personally don't but I...I guess I can't say that they're down to Dawnclan's level. Right now."

- They also fought against us in the great war. But after everything was resolved.. Well, I guess my opinion of them has been untitled.

[Dawnclan] :bulletblack::bulletwhite:
- " I personally I don't like them at all; they're one awful clan, and that's all I can see when I'm pained to depict them."
They fought against us in the great war, but after things started to unravel and a light was shed upon what was really taking place, Dawnclan did not fight as rogues anymore, but as warriors. Regardless, I still can't say that I appreciate them.

[Fireclan]: :bulletpurple::bulletwhite:
Fireclan is a swift group of warriors that live in an intense heat. I've been there before when I went to go see Sunstorm. I don't think Snowclan has any quarrels with them.. as far as I know, and I hope that it is the same for them. In the great war, they fought against us, but after everything was resolved...well, I guess things have gone back to normal? Save the suspicions of Moonclan.

Sunstorm:bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Sunpaw is my best friend! I met him at my last gathering when I tripped and fell! He's so nice and cool too, I hope that next time there's a gathering he and I get to go and talk to eachother again!

:bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletpurple: "Who? 'Sungloom'? Sunstorm is my best friend. He's the only non-Snowclan friend I know, and I think that he's the closest friend I have at this point. He's really nice and sweet, and he can be real big goof ball at times, but that's what I like about him. I met him at my first gathering when I...kind of tripped past him and he walked up to me afterwards. It was embarrassing, and even though I'd rather not remember it, it is pretty memorable and something I'm positive that I am never going to forget. But in the end, we became very close friends--always having high hopes to see eachother at every chance we got. He told me that he wanted to see Snowclan one day and for some reason I'm not very vague to say that I hope he can come over one day and actually see it--I mean, it's not like he's got to cross over the border and roll and play in it...if he doesn't want to."

It's like it took forever, but once my second gathering came around, it was like I was surrounded by a crowd of cats this time, and I can even go as far as to say that there could've easily been over a million differen't cats at that Gathering, it was so booked; and just that made it look like Sunstorm hadn'tve came this time, but eventually I finally found him. I remember I was so excited to tell him that I was a warrior now, I'm even excited saying it now! And I really like Sunstorm--he's a great friend and all, and it's like he's in Snowclan, but reality knows he's not, and it came across as very disappointing--I'd trust him with almost anything. I wish our clans weren't so far apart though.
Along the lines,  I was in a debate in whether this Gathering was either short or very time-consuming, but more than anything--I still wanted to stay with Sunstorm, and I mean, of course I'm loyal to Starclan and Snowclan--and if anything, I'd like to put them first for anything and everything but, I kind of followed him into Fireclan. Maybe I should've listened to Crookedflame and distanced myself from any non-Snowclan cats in the gathering, cause' now I know that I'd have a hard time bringing myself to potentially fighting Sunstorm in the future, and what would that say about me? What would everyone think? My own clan would think that I betrayed them for another clan cat that I deemed very important to me.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletpurple:- "He just...he told me he what? That he loved me? I... don't about this, I didn't think he did--I wasn't anyone special...was I? ...I really didn't know what to say...It felt like I was stuck in-between a gap or something. I...really like Sunstorm too and so I was happy to hear what he had said of course but... how exactly does something like that work? We, being in different clans and the fact that it's completely forbidden and all. I won't deny it, I love him too, and I thought before all this that I was a loyal Snowclan cat, but I always thought this thing was only one-sided, know, there wouldn't be a problem if I didn't spill my heart out about him and instead found a way to get over it and all but...I guess that plan back-fired and now I don't know. Sunstorm's a wonderful friend of mine, and I know that he's good, and trustful--he wouldn't do anything to hurt me because we're best friends, and I wouldn't want any other friend than him - I wouldn't trade him for anything but...this is something that even I don't think we can cover for so long, and if it comes down to it--that any other cat finds out, what would Crystalstar and Kindlestar think? Or all of both Fireclan and Snowclan? Or worse... what would Starclan think of all of this? They'll look down upon two cats that just disobeyed not only the warrior code, but their law. I'm afraid that I'll have what could potentially protect us both and say no..."

" Sunstorm came to Snowclan! I can't say that I had my doubts that he was going to come, and I'm glad I didn't begin to start. Sunstorm...I missed him so much, I'm so happy he came. I wonder how he likes the snow, now that he's finally seen a bunch of it in one place. I can probably guess that it was pretty cold since he was surrounded by all of it, *purr* you Fireclanners wouldn't stand even a brief chance if you were here. 

:heart::bulletred::bulletorange::bulletpurple::bulletblue:"I said it. I...I told Sunstorm that I loved him. And I feel foolish - because after I said that we should stay friends to protect us both, here I am saying 'nevermind'. But even after all of that, I never would've guessed that he'd still feel the same way after I declined him earlier... or at least pretended that I didn't. I was in love with him, even after the complications, and I always was. But even in the days following after that night, not one has passed when I never felt any remorse for what I said. When Sunstorm came, I had enough of the discretion - I couldn't keep it in anymore without that guilt and dissent flooding in my chest. Starclan knew that. It's one of those feelings that can only be concealed for so long until you couldn't bare it. And by it meant that I spat in Starclan's face and declared their laws irrelevant. It sounds terrible. But regardless, I love Sunstorm - he's my best friend, and the very essence of joy and silliness. Despite our difference in clans, I feel as though I can tell almost anything. I trust him with just about everything. I love him, more than any code, or any star - I don't want to live in regret and denial anymore."

 Beetleflight:bulletpurple::bulletpurple:- "Sunstorm said that a cat named Beetleflight caught him when he was on his way to Snowclan. She's the only cat that knows our secret now, but according to what Sunstorm had said about her, I can trust her. I'll have to thank her once I see her."

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