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August 26, 2012
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TWG: The Snowclan Sibling by YHinne TWG: The Snowclan Sibling by YHinne



Name Sablekit - Sablepaw - Sablefur
Age 24 + moons
Gender She-cat
Breed Marbled cat
Clan Snowclan
Rank Warrior
Mate Sunstorm of Fireclan (forbiddenshippin--bwahaha....hah)
Book description Dark brown she-cat with amber eyes


Breed Typical Marbled cat
Eyes Soft Amber
Pelt Sablefur's pelt is utmost and basically soft to the touch, long, and very warm, enabling her to easily keep warm in Snowclan territory. She is a classic marbled tabby with darker brown ears, dark peach paw pads, and a dark golden brown underbelly that can be seen also on all of her legs.
Smell Sablefur has a strong mountainous scent, automatically telling other clan cats that she is from Snowclan.
Body Sablefur is a fairly sized she-cat with long legs, enabling her to pounce very well
Other If you took a closer look at the bottom of her paws, you'd notice that the very tip of all of her legs has the same purplish-grey-ish color.


attack 40% Her battle moves and techniques are very well done, although if she were to have a battle with a Fireclanner in Fireclan territory, due to the heat (in which she is not use to) her attack rate percentage will most likely drop down to about 10%, saying that she is pretty much weak if that is the case.
speed 95% Sablefur's not all great at close combat, and does much better with long-ranged attacks, such as leaping, and running/dashing.
endurance 30% She can take a few hits.
strength 50% with a long range leap.
Medicinal knowledge 5%
leadership 20% When it comes to a serious situation (Specifically between her own clan-mates), and she's apart of it, Sablefur might turn out to be a bit stern and leaderly.
intelligence 90% Sablefur is not an idiot. Most of the time, she knows what she's doing, other times, she may ask questions to those older than her.
tactics 60% She has good instinctive hunting techniques, and her fighting style is fixed on long-ranged attacks, leaping, and speed only. Most of the time, she knows her ways around things however.
health 85% Her health is at a fair rate. However, she can get a bit reckless when trying things new, or defending associates or attacking opponents.


[compassionate - strong-willed - determined - courageous - Tease]

Likes Sunstorm, Rookfeather, Her entire clan, Water, Fish (Thanks to Sunstorm), Hares, Birds, Hideouts, Skyclan, snow, kittens, love stories, getting stronger, running, teasing, having fun, Ravenfeather.

Dislikes BATS, jerks, Cinderstar, rock-climbing, two-legs, storms, blizzards, her pelt, failing.

Additional info:
-Long fluffy tail
-Amber eyes
-Pelt is very dark
-Slightly rounded ears
-Long fur
-Has a crush on Sunstorm
-Likes fish


:bulletred: - Love
:heart:- Mate
:bulletorange: -Family
:bulletyellow: -Crush/attraction
:bulletgreen: -Friend/Aquaintance
:bulletblue: -Close Friend
:bulletpurple: -Respect/honor
:bulletwhite: -Uncertainty
:bulletblack: -Dislike/abhor/hate/loathe
:bulletpink: -Apprentice
[X] -Deseased/dead

Moonclan- Pending


Crystalstar:bulletpurple:[X] - "The former leader of Snowclan, and she's gone. It was a horrible day...I just wished I could've done something. Rookfeather and her were very close, it's hard to describe how torn my brother was..."

Rookfeather:bulletpurple::bulletorange::bulletred: "Rookfeather it the only brother I have. He's funny, nice, smart, 'Good with the ladies' So he thinks--But Sometimes he can be that mouse-brained pain, and an overconfident furball! It still doesn't take away how much I love him, he's family, and my best friend!
Hrmm....He seems to be rather close to Sundancer~"

Crookedflame:bulletgreen::bulletpurple:- "I talked to him only once during my first gathering as an apprentice. He really didn't think the whole thing was eventful, and so, didn't want to mingle with other cat, saying that there was no point in it. He's a grump, even Saplingtail complains about it...but I think that not only is he a grump lump, but he's cool as well! I look up to him actually. Being a medicine cat, he's pretty good

[X] - "I...I just don't know anymore."

Ravenfeather:bulletblue::bulletpurple:- "Ravenfeather was my mentor as an apprentice, and he's amazing! His skills are very great and achieving, I'm glad I had the chance to be his apprentice..I'll always miss our training sessions. I haven't spoke to him much...Oh well.

Wolfsong:bulletpurple::bulletgreen:- "Wolfsong. He really helped me out as a apprentice during my first gathering..It helped me alot and I really respect him. Sadly, that's the only time I've talked to him and I enjoyed it as well! As a matter of fact, I really have my hopes high that I get to talk to him again soon."

ThornStalker:bulletpurple:-"I haven't really spoken to him once actually, but he accompanied me and Rookfeather during our Warriorship."

Sundancer:bulletpurple:-" Why, Sundancer--Rookfeather tells me about Sundancer all the time, I wouldn't blame him--she is a very pretty she-cat. Sometimes I wonder if my brother has a crush on her~ Oh, that'll be so cute! Think of all the cute kits they could make!"

Twilightsong:bulletgreen::bulletpink: - "No fair--she's grown up too fast! I turn away for just a second, and BAM! she's Twilightsong now. *purr* But nonetheless, I'm very proud of her, and I'll admit without hesitation that she has grown into beautiful warrior. Twilightsong is like a little sister that I never had."

:bulletpurple::bulletwhite: "I don't believe that Snowclan has any type of major quarrel with them. I...I guess I can't say that they're down to Dawnclan's level. Right now.

:bulletblack: - "Nothing but a so-called 'clan' full of mouse-brained crow-food!"


Sunstorm:bulletpurple::bulletblue: Sunpaw is my best friend! I met him at my last gathering when I tripped and fell! He's so nice and cool too, I hope that next time there's a gathering he and I get to go and talk to eachother again!

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: "Who? 'Sungloom'? Sheesh! Sunstorm is my best friend! The only non-Snowclan friend I know, and he's the closest friend I have at this point. He's really nice and sweet, but he can be a real goof ball! I met him at my first gathering and I gave him quite the..shocking meeting when I tripped and tumbled right past him. That was a bit embarrassing for me and..oh Starclan! I didn't even know I was speaking to him I was so embarrased! but in the end, we became very close friends--always having high hopes to see eachother at every chance we get. I wish he could visit Snowclan some day to check out the snow for a bit be with me too, b-because I haven't seen him is such a long time, I miss Sunstorm! He told me he wanted to see Snowclan so I'm excited for that! Apparently, he really found interest in snow--and boy! I really hope he can come over one day and stay with me for a while.

I didn't think he was even there! It was my second Gathering now as a warrior and I still didn't see him.. As soon as I entered the Gathering Place, I immediately searched for that Fireclan furball--ignoring my brother and leaving him with the rest of the clan..Ahh, he'd be alright. For some odd reason, the Gathering place seemed so crowded, more than last time, but it was still just the four of us clans so that really didn't matter as long as I knew whether he was here or not, that would be the last thing on my mind. It took forever, but I finally found Sunpaw--we both were happy to see eachother! It was easy to tell for the both of us--our friendship is so tight, I hope that it would last for a very long time.

For some reason, it felt as if I was in a debate in whether this Gathering was either short or very time-consuming, and more than anything--I still wanted to stay with Sunpaw, I mean, of course I'm loyal to Starclan and Snowclan--if anything, I'd like to put them first for anything but...I followed Fireclan territory.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblue:- "He...he told me he what? He...loved me? I-I didn't think he did--I wasn't anyone special wa...was I? ...I, really didn't know what to say...It felt like I was stuck inbetween a gap or something. I...really like Sunstorm too and so I was happy to hear what he had said of course!...but, How is that supposed to work? We, being in differen't clans and all and...if we were...well, there'll be more cats that'll know about it. I am a loyal Snowclan cat-I swear!...I think-- But....Starclan I don't know. Sunstorm is a very fun friend of mine, and I know that he's good, and trustful, and funny, and fun--he wouldn't do anything to hurt me because we're best friends! but...well what am I supposed to do--what are we supposed to do, and...what would Starclan think?"

"I couldn't believe it! He was actually here, Sunstorm actually came to Snowclan!  couldn't say I had my doubts that he was going to come, and I'm glad I didn't begin to start. Sunstorm...I-I missed him so much, I'm so happy he came. How do you like the snow? Pretty cold when you're actually surrounded by it, *purr* you Fireclanners wouldn't stand even a brief chance if you were here! 

:heart::bulletred: - "--I said it...I...I told him that I loved him and I never would've thought that he'd still feel the same after I...after I--I didn't accept it before. Not a day's passed ever since then when I was not in remorse for what I said. But now I...I felt like this was the time, Starclan, I just couldn't keep it in forever. It's one of those feelings that are only temporarily sealed--so, well I...I think I can even say that Starclan's opinion doesn't even matter to me anymore. I'm so sorry I hadn't said anything back in Skyclan, as much as I wanted to, I was so afraid that Starclan would punish us for it, But, I guess now it doesn't matter at all to me anymore...just as long as you know...that I love you.

 Let's hope nobody finds out--now get back to your clan before you freeze to death!"

Beetleflight:bulletpurple:- "Ahh...the name sounds familiar...Oh! That's right! Err...Sunstorm mentioned her name a few times..."

:bulletpurple:- "Thankyou so much Beetleflight for helping Sunstorm over to Starclan. I'm...I'm glad you understood, and didn't tell anybody, so thankyou."




(Rookfeather's new application is in the process of being made, however, his information needed is all below)

Name Rookkit - Rookpaw - Rookfeather
Age 22 + moons
Gender Tom
Clan Snowclan
Rank Warrior
Book description Gray tom with black stripes and green eyes


Eyes Piercing green
Pelt Rookfeather's pelt is utmost grey with a few darker gray stripes going down his back. His chest fur is a more lighter shade of gray, following to his underbelly to half of his time. More of this color can be seen under both of his eyes, on his legs, and as his eyebrows. His coat, unlike Sablefur's, leans rather more on the silky side. His fur is long, and warmth consuming.
Smell Much like his sister and his other clanmates, Rookfeather too shares a strong mountaneous scent intwined with the smell of fresh snow.
Body Rookfeather is the average size of a normal tom-cat, with a long, fluffy tail.
Other None.


attack 85% Rookfeather has trained hard when being an apprentice. His attacking skill is great, and he is excellent in close-combat, unlike his sister, making him one of best fighters.
speed 45% Rookfeather isn't the fastest cat in the world. This can be proven when he is racing with the apprentice Sunpaw.
endurance 87% Rookfeather is good at enduring pain to a long extent.
strength 87% Rookfeather is very great when it comes to physical damage. He leans more on the offensive side rather than defensive.
Medicinal knowledge 0% Rookfeather doesn't pay much attention to what's going on in the Medicine cat den, and doesn't care how they sort out things.
leadership 10% Rookfeather would rather not be depended on. But if push comes to shove, He'll be just as good as Archtail setting up patrols.
intelligence 89% Rookfeather also isn't the dumbest cat in the world. Sometimes...He'd rather 'leap before you think'.
tactics 70% Rookfeather, though maybe hard to believe, is excellent when it comes to tactical areas, that is, if he isn't about to rush an opponent down.
health 75% His health is at a fair rate. Though, it'll be easy for him to gain some scars, seeing that when it comes to fighting, he is a brute.


[compassionate - strong-willed - determined - courageous - Tease - Humorous - Protective - Good]

Likes Sablefur (Sibling), Sundancer (Crush), Crystalstar (DESEASED; Former mentor) His entire clan, Snow hares, Bats, Snow, kittens, Goofing around, getting stronger, teasing, having fun, the Ice pool.

Dislikes CINDERSTAR, jerks, suspicious cats, two-legs, storms, blizzards, failing, losing.

Additional info:
-Long fluffy tail
-green eyes
-Pelt consists of differen't shades of grey
-Pointed ears
-Long fur
-Has a crush on Sundancer


:bulletred: - Love
:heart:- Mate
:bulletorange: -Family
:bulletyellow: -Crush/attraction
:bulletgreen: -Friend/Aquaintance
:bulletblue: -Close Friend
:bulletpurple: -Respect/honor
:bulletwhite: -Uncertainty/Neutral
:bulletblack: -Dislike/abhor/hate/loathe
:bulletpink: -Apprentice
[X] -Deseased/dead


Patchstar:bulletpurple: - "Her and...and Crystalstar were really close friends apparently. I appreciate her help with the...the incident..."


Crystalstar:bulletpurple::bulletblue:[X] - "I just...I miss her."

Pearlstar:bulletpurple: - "Yeah, she's the new appointed leader. She as there to cheer me up, I respect her."

Sablefur:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletpurple: - "Sablefur? Well of course I like her! I love her! She's my sister, and my best friend. Sure, she can be a dork at times, and freaking nosy, but she's my sister, and I love her. We used to always prank older cats when we were kits! Hah! You should've seen the looks on our victims faces'! I don't care who's out there, we'd always make the best team! Aw yeah!"

Sundancer:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletpurple: "Furball? That cheeky little furball! I've known her ever since, and she's the real deal punk! She beat me in races, and even pounced on me--I just still can't believe I actually lost to her! Sundancer is my best friend, and she's really pretty. Even as a warrior, she never loses her tease streak! We gave eachother nicknames too. I'm 'mouse-brain', and she's 'furball' But it's only true, she's basically all fluff.

Autumnfall:bulletblue::bulletpurple: - "Tsh! He's a cheeky ball of fluff too! Pah! Telling me that he could smell 'love in the air' between me and Sundancer--T-that little!! He's got a whole whiff of 'love' over there with him and Ripplepaw! They're together more than me and Sundancer ever were! They're so mushy. yuck. Heh, but yeah, me and Autumnfall are grown warriors now, I believe that we can keep eachother's secrets! Back to back toms!"

Crookedflame:bulletpurple::bulletwhite: - "I heard he was the grump butt Medicine cat. I haven't really spoken to him all actually. But, I'm pretty sure that beneath that grumpiness, he's got a heart of gold!"

Saplingtail:bulletpurple: - "Wait, isn't she Crookedflame's apprentice? ...Well, maybe not anymore since she's now a full fledged Medicine cat as well. They make the best partners, but sheesh, it's like they have everlasting arguments.


Cursedstar:bulletwhite::bulletblack: - "Meh, I don't really pay much attention to her. All I know is that she is the Pebbleclan Leader. Err, I guess I'm alright with her-- Wait...wasn't she the one who gave Pebble Creek to that petty rogue-filled clan?! Cursedstar obviously thought that she can give that dumb wanna-be clan a piece of every clan's territory! Well she's wrong! And now Pebble Creek is ours, like it always was! I swear, she does that again, and I'll be the one to talk to her!


Cinderstar:bulletwhite::bulletblack: - "That piece of filth! Not only did she bad-mouth Crystalstar, but she took a life away from her! Crystalstar...she could've been ALIVE if that Flea-bitten piece of crowfood didn't rob her 8th life! I hate that pound of mouse-dung! The next time I see her, she's dead! I'll strip her of ALL of her lives with one swipe!"


Kindlestar:bulletwhite: - "Her sternness scares the life out of me. She's always so serious.

Sunstorm:bulletwhite: - "He's a fireclan warrior. Sablefur talks about him....alot."

Both Sablefur and Rookfeather BELONGS TO ME.
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insanityNothing Jan 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist

Sablefur is so utterly gorgeous oh my gosh i could stare at her forever help

<3 <3 <3 <3 I love her so much
HorrifyingCuteness Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist



you sure she isn't a Fireclanner? Cuz she is smokin'!

//gets slapped for bad pun 8D
rainwolfeh Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist







//hands over a handkerchief 

Pfft, beautiousness.
EEEeee Sunnehh!
It's your comments that are austerely amazing to read--
pleases the eye
Ahh yes, the description--I had to edit it down a couple of times to ease and lessen the cheddar!
but make it sweet at the same time--
Jewel-Shapeshifter Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't know such cute cats were in the same Clan as I was! XD I would love to Role Play with one of them one day~ But for now I'll just-*draws them*

Haha yes, indeed, and thank you! I'm glad you think so,
It means alot--and I can say the same thing about your kitties~
Ahhh, yes, Roleplaying with you would be fun actually~
But until then--EEeep!

Brother loves a cat named Sundancer
Sister loves a cat names Sunstorm


xD Yes!
Verrryyyy unexpected,
but, hey.
Haha, that's how the cookie crumbles, right?
yep the chips fell where they may
Fr0stybite Aug 10, 2013
Reminds me of Yin and Yang.
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