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BURNTPAW IS BACK. I still have yet to write his history though. I love him! Squeep!



Name Burntkit - Burntpaw - Burntfrost
Age 12 moons
Gender Tom
Breed unknown mix
Clan Willowclan
Rank Apprentice
Book description Light gray tom with dark speckles and green eyes


Breed Maine Coon mix
Eyes Green
Pelt Burntpaw's pelt is utmost and basically soft to the touch, long, and very warm, enabling him to easily keep warm in Willowclan territory, possibly even in Iceclan. He is a Dark maine coon mix with a darker grey ear on the right side of his face, peach paw pads, and a lighter grey underbelly that can be seen also on all of his paws, under his tail, on his face, and that acting as his eyebrows. He has a white stripe going across his chest as well.
Smell Burntpaw has a strong Weeping willow tree scent, automatically telling other clan cats that she is from Willowclan.
Body Burntpaw is an above fairly sized apprentice, as his warriorship ceremony was held back due to the events of the flood.
Other If you took a closer look at the bottom of her paws, you'd notice that above the light gray on his paw-toes is a darker gray color.


attack 50% His battle moves and techniques are very well done, despite how lazy he can become.
speed 50%
endurance 50% He can take a few hits. He is very withstanding.
strength 70%
Medicinal knowledge 0%.
leadership 10% When it comes to a serious situation (Specifically between his own clan-mates), and he's apart of it, Burntaw may or may not turn out to be a bit stern and leaderly.
intelligence 90% Burntpaw is not an idiot. Most of the time, he knows what he's doing, despite his constant lazy-ness.
tactics 90% He has good instinctive hunting techniques, and his fighting style is fixed on Close-combat, and speed only. Most of the time, he knows his ways around things however.
health 40% Below average-- but his health is at a fair rate. He can get a bit reckless when climbing trees, or defending associates or attacking opponents.


[compassionate - Humorous - Cold - Laid-back - Blunt/Honest]

Compassionate- "Hey, you'd better take care of yourself, runt."
"Look, just take the darn mouse, you look like you need it."
"You alright? I could've sworn you were inches away from busting your head wide open."

Despite his cold demenour, Burntpaw is quite the compassionate tom. Though he tries to hide it from everyone so that they wouldn't take him for a soft cat. That, and his opinion that being too soft with kindness shows great weakness. However, (introducing it) his compassion has a stretch rate to those he is quite fond of, or perhaps look up too. He is protective over his loved ones, and though he dislikes most of the cats in his clan, Burntpaw will not hesitate to protect them as well--dishonor to his clan's respect and Starclan above is top priority to evade.

Humorous- "Well, sorry I'm not as nice as a pixie. But I'd rather be mouse-brain then flutter about with sparkly wings, and a long sparkly stick."
"No, actually, I'm fine! Because even though it feels like my leg has broken, I'm still as preppy as a pig who finally learned to fly. Yippee."

Yes, but do not expect him to be this way with those he is not relatively close to. Burntpaw, though hard to believe knowing him at first talks, can crack a joke or say something that can be described as 'funny'. He is never humorous to those who he barely knows, or to those he dislikes.

Cold-  "Fine, you can have it when you earn it...for now, you can go choke on a stick."
"Look, I could care absolutely less about your dumb love life, Cupid is the one for that."
"Say something else, and I'll assume that somebody is looking to be castrated."

His main personality trait. Burntpaw isn't nice at all in first talks--he'd rather be aloof and away from as many cats as he can dodge. He hates doing favors, listening to cat's rant and/or talking about their problems, and he hates a disrespectful cat with no type of respect. he hates loud cats, he hates the rival clans, and he hates needy, arrogant, mouse-brained cats that think that they are the stuff...when they're not the stuff. You'd know that he wants to talk to you when he walks up to you and start a conversation. He likes those who agree with his opinions, and share his thoughts on things. And most of all he likes his silence.

Blunt/Honest/rude- "You look like you've been hit my a monster over a thousand times."
"Yep, you're not very bright."
Other cat: "Burntpaw, where do you come from?"
Burntpaw: "Hmm, let's see...down the pathway of 'none of your', and a few blocks over to 'business' street."

He's as Blunt as they come--to everybody and anybody. Most of the time, he claims he can't help it. But he can, and he can't at the same time. When it's necessary, or when he has the urge to get it out. He can use this for a humorous act, or a serious one. Other times, he just wants to get the other cat mad.

Likes Swanpaw(feather), Caramelsun and her kits, his clan, Water, Hares, Birds, Silence, kittens, getting stronger, sleeping, weeping willow trees.

Dislikes Mouse-brained cats, smart alacks, falling, failing, snow, getting his pelt crazy dirty, flirts, idiots, bugs, cats interrupting his sleep.

Additional info:
-Long fluffy tail
-Almost neon green eyes
-Pelt is very dark
-Long fur
-Has a crush on....


Bullet; Red - Love
Heart- Mate
Bullet; Orange -Family
Bullet; Yellow -Crush/attraction
Bullet; Green -Friend/Aquaintance
Bullet; Blue -Close Friend
Bullet; Purple -Respect/honor
Bullet; White -Uncertainty
Bullet; Black -Dislike/abhor/hate/loathe
Bullet; Pink -Apprentice
[X] -Deseased/dead


"Willowclan's leader. I respect her and her commands. She's wise, fair... really hairy. She's given birth to some kittens too."

"My...mentor, and Willowclan's deputy. He's cool, and I also look up to him.
I can't say that I'm not honored to have him as my mentor.
He's mates to Caramelsun, and together they have quite a bit of kits.

"She's a good cat, real good cat. Caramelsun is really a great warrior. She's extremely kind and soft--she's a great friend of mine...Even though we don't speak as much. I always know who to come to when I'm troubled. She has a HECK load of kits! But I'm glad she had a safe birthing--giving birth to all a thousand of them.

Why that lousy, nagging, yellow, furry, no good cheeky ball of fur! *purr* That girl had me show her around Willowclan camp! But only because she begged for it, that and she wouldn't leave me the freak alone! I see her again, and I promise I'll enjoy nagging at her pelt as much as she'd done me--yellow runt.
She isn't as peaceful as a swan I know that for sure!

:bulletyellow:..."Okay so I like her...But just a little bit."

:bulletwhite: "After the flood, I haven't seen her around much at all. Starclan pray that...that those cursed waters didn't sweep her away to her demise. I don't know what I'd do. So--you'd better be alive, you nagging runt of a cat! I haven't' gotten my pay-back!"

"I heard that walking cherry blossom left the clans for some reason, and I know for sure that she isn't in any of the other clans. Basically, she just disappeared, and frankly I don't have the time to even care about her whereabouts. She left the clans, her siblings and her mother and father, yeah? That's her own problem, and I'm not going to accept her back for it either--Blossomwhisker is the spitting image of disloyalty."

Everyone else :bulletblack: Don't talk to me unless you have something important to say!


:bulletpurple::bulletgreen:Whitefawn- "Yep, don't think I'll ever forget the event I spent with her. She was pretty, shy and quiet--somewhat annoying. I..sort of saved her from a badger, and in the process, got a long pretty scar on my flank. It was worth it. I feel like a super hero now. Heard she was now mates with...some tom over there, what was it? Patched...something. I don't think I like that idea--actually I'm indifferent, as long as he's treating her right I guess. But frankly, he can go choke on a stick. I'm eager to check on how she's doing actually, I haven't seen her in a long time! It would be nice to finally see her again. I hope she doesn't secretly hate me for her ear." *purr*

Everyone else :bulletblack: "I can't see how those crazy, mouse-brained cats could stand, standing on stone and rock all their lives.



Like most families, Burntpaw was born to two parents--Lightfur and Shadowstride, and though their names meant the complete opposites--well, opposites attract right? For them, it was more than just a scientific opinion. The two cats loved eachother powerfully, and emotionally. Lightfur was more excited than nervous to give birth to a full litter, however, and drastically to both parents, she was only giving birth to one kitten. It displeased her, but she knew that either way, Shadowstride and her were going to love and care for the newborn kitten, even if it were the only one. Besides, She could have more, right? On the day of her giving birth, Willowclan's former medicine cat was correct about the single kitten, and so was Lightfur: Shadowstride loved him, they both did. Together, they went to great lengths of taking care of their only boy--missing gatherings and skipping out on patrols--the usual tidings for any and every warrior. Burntkit was a jumpy, and playful kitten, but little did he know that that was predestined to change.


Upon reaching 6 moons, of course, Burntpaw was apprenticed, given Dustfang (Willowclan's deputy) as a mentor. Lightfur and Shadowstride were more than proud of their son, and Burntpaw was fine knowing that. He had parents that actually cared for him, unlike most of the other Willowclan cats, who were parent-less from the start, or became parent-less upon losing them. Burntpaw often stayed with his parents, but he had 'friends' too that he would too, often visit, and continuiously speak about his parents to him. It's just...Little did he know that his buddies were all parent-less, or had a single parent.

"You honestly think you're better than us?

    "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the fact that you always talk about your parents!: You're parents did that, oh! They were proud of this, and that--and this! You stupid furball! Not everybody has a parents, did you even think to remember that?!"

    "I-I didn't--

But before the misunderstanding tom could speak, his 'friend' had swiftly swiped him across his face.

"Well now you won't ever forget-- ever again! That dumb scar will be your reminder, you stupid mouse-brained piece of rotten crowfood!"

Burntpaw didn't understand, but he knew he never meant to hurt his friend's feelings. It was all unintentional. The dark furred tom had ran over to his mother for comfort.

"I really didn't mean it..."

    "I know, sweets, it wasn't your fault, and I won't blame you. Your father's going to get that sorted out with that friend of yours. Meanwhile, let's go get that scratch cleaned up."

Burntpaw knew that after that experience, he was going to watch himself more carefully now. As time past, and the days grew colder, Burntpaw learned that all this time, his dear mother had come up with a terminal disease. It pained him that he didn't know--that she never even told him. What other secrets was she hiding? Burntpaw demanded that she'd spit it out, but out came silence and nothing. Fury shrouded his sadness, and instead, he ran off to Shadowstride, baring teeth to him also. Shadowstride explained the devastating, and more than half of Burntpaw wanted to screech and end his own life. Lightfur had only til' tonight to live. Burntpaw was curious, and furious of how emotionless his father was acting on the news, but Shadowstride told him that sadness, frightfulnessand kindness only shows weakness. He understood. That night like predestined, Lightfur had passed away to hunt with Starclan. Burntpaw and his father stared emotionless at her motionless body, and grieve-stricken expression.  Immediately, following those events, Burntpaw had lost his bouncy traits. Now he would become as cold as ice.

After a while of repairing, Burntpaw's first assignment was to go out and catch as many prey as he could. Hunting near the Stoneclan border was to be easy enough. Spotting a rabbit he launched for it, but only to find that another cat was in persuit of the same prey. He bumped heads with a Stoneclan apprentice, Whitepaw. Together, the two exchanged words, and quickly parted soon after without either of them catching prey. But soon after, Burntpaw heard a shrill screech, and immediately assumed that it belonged to th apprentice before: Whitepaw. Quickly, Burntpaw raced back, not hesitating to cross over Stoneclan's border. Even though he was scarred emotionally, that didn't possibly mean for him not to help. Whatever the problem was, he had to do something. Upon reaching the sight, he felt his stomach beg to lurch out of his mouth. Burntpaw caught sight of the very same rabbit, killed, and ripped to shreads. But even more horrifying, he catch sight of a slipping Whitepaw on a rock face, with a badger awaiting her fall hungrily. Thinking fast, Burntpaw quickly called for it, distracting it enough for Whitepaw to slide safely down and eventually accompany him. At the time, Burntpaw couldn't think of anything else, as the badger was closing in on them with an angry snarl. It then hit him, and he quickly told Whitepaw the plan to run as fast as they can to thee borders to lead it away. Together they both bolted off in a high speed manner. The plan was working, but then Whitepaw had quickly cut her shoulder on a sharp boulder nearby. Burntpaw assumed it to be nothing, since the she-cat had quickly gotten up and started to run once again. They both were nearing the Heatherclan border, and Burntpaw had climbed up a close-by tree, with Whitepaw sloppily persuing him up after. Burntpaw watched her as she tried her best to climb up, but devastatingly, her paw slipped on loose bark and Burntpaw had scurried down quickly to try and grab her. But he caught hold of only her ear, pulling her back enough for her to be able to attach back to the more easier bark, but in the process ripped her ear and left a slit. Upon continuous climbing, the two saw that the badger had quickly lost interest and stalked away, much to their relief. Together the two scurried down, and exchanged relieved glances and sighs. They said their goodbyes and quickly ran home.


Afterwards, Burntpaw snuck off from Willowclan camp to check to make sure Whitepaw was doing okay, and not too badly hurt. Besides, it was his fault for her torn ear. But as a stop sign, the dark-furred tom had ran into another apprentice: A golden and white furred apprentice called Swanpaw. They exchanged a few words, and Burntpaw was off again, but only to be stopped by her again, her wanting him to show her around Willowclan's camp. Burntpaw continuiously turned the annoying she-cat down, but to no avail. Ending up showing her around anyway out of guilt. They became really close upon just speaking to eachother. But Burntpaw hadn't gotten to see how Whitepaw was doing, he ended up forgetting about the whole idea from spending time with Swanpaw. He eventually showed her around, and they both fell asleep nearby the waterfall, tails intwined.

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SophSouffle Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you killing him off?
Piney-licious Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
rp him and Crowpaw?
Stormsurge98 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Him and Rainpaw should rp sometime :3
INfernoLynx Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey hun. You seem like such a great role-player and I really wanted to rp with you.
Blossomwhisker is back in the clans, meaning she's in WillowClan once again. I'd love to see what Burntpaw has to say to her or about her now since
his last comment about her was not too kind. I like the fact that there is someone who doesn't like her for her actions. (: 

Just message me back if your interested in rping♥
YHinne Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

o mg, really? Eee awesome, man--thought I was never going to get the opportunity!
Oh really? ;u; That is great to know--
I was never aware that she made a 'come-back' back into Willowclan, so this should be interesting.
If I may, what happened to Snare? Did Panda kill him off?

Considering his 'thoughts' about her-- Yeah.
Yes, I would absolutely love to role-play that with you, given how Burntpaw has lost all respect for Blossom, as you saw already. 
Squee, I'm definitely looking forward to this.
INfernoLynx Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm really sorry for the late reply. I was grounded for a while. lol
Though gosh I'd just adore to rp with you. Your art is stunning and I love seeing all of those
rp based art images. Lol yes it should be interesting. True Blossomwhisker is a good cat at heart
but that doesn't mean that everyone should like her. It seems every time I join a group all of the cats
want to make with everyone. In the series that's never the case. So I'm really exited for this! (:

Lol yes, I'd love to see the two argue in some sort of ways toward each other. 
When these two were only kits/apprentices, I sort of shipped them >.> 
YHinne Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

;u; ohmygoodness staph,
But thank you all the same.
YES, I've noticed that a lot with the majority of your characters in the groups that you join. Honestly, I was amongst those 'cats' when I first joined WVS. All of your characters are amazing--thus it is no wonder why everyone wanted to be close. Plus, your art is super cute! ;u;

...But if your talking about people joining for romantics and immediately getting mates and such, I vouch for you to the maximum on that one. I always get a bit irritable when I see a lot of people in groups basically join for obtaining mates. I've even seen some people kill off their characters once they mate with another and have kittens, and then do the exact same with the new kittens, and repeat the process continuiously. But Sometimes under either agreeable and disagreeable reasons.

Eeep, I definitely agree with you there!
A Burntpaw/ Blossomwhisker roleplay would definitely be fun.
And finally, we actually get to role-play them together! Beware of his bad attitude though, he doesn't exactly appreciate Blossomwhisker or the thought for disappearing and reappearing in Willowclan--additionally neither Emberstar either for just accepting her back in. (Even thoug I'm super glad she came back ;u; )

Girl, don't worry, I shipped them too. And cried when Shroudedpaw/mist came into picture. ;u;

But--we could role-play this out now if you want. ;u;
I mean, what exactly do you prefer to do? I'd like to consider other people's preferences before role-playing with them. To me, I see it like the most respectful thing to do, especially with one I haven't really talked to much at all, or got to know.
INfernoLynx Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ug sorry about my last comment. All of those errors and such. Yuck! >m<
Yes It's quiet annoying. I just wish some of my cats had a enemies if not just one. 
I always pick a character or two that have had a bad reputation, such as being an outcast or just a cat who no one really likes. But as soon as I begin to rp, everyone's character just want to be best friends with them or something. It's like, are you unable to read his bio? Kinda annoying and I think that is one of the few reasons as to why I'm getting sick of rping because it is all the same. 

Omg don't get me started on that! I hate when people join groups because they see a well drawn/put together character and want one of their characters to be with them just for the kittens. Though sometimes a lot of work is put into the relationship, it is all just blown off as soon as they have kittens. Then all of a sudden both of the parents are dead or just one of them. Then which ever is still alive, they make them find another cat who they find attractive to their point of view, then breed them some more until those kittens are adults and are able to have kittens themselves. It's honestly quiet annoying. True when I see a cat who I just fall inlove with, and I mean fall IN LOVE with, I would want one of my characters to be with them but I put alot of effort into it. Even if they don't end up together, I don't just quit on them, I still like the bonding between the two.Such as what I did with Snare, Panda and I rped those two for two whole years before we even thought about them kitting. 

Yes I think I could get back into rping if I rped something different and I think Burntpaw is just the answer. Oh I know I realized just by reading his thoughts about other felines and that including both Blossom and Patch lol. Though I'm sure I'll like these two. Even if they end up hating each other. (I'm glad you are glad! It'll give us a chance to get closer ^_^)

Omg are you serious! Oh my God, so many things could have turned out differently for her! Dang -shot-

Hmm I don't mind. You can pick, I mean we could start rping here, or maybe in chat sometime soon, Skype or even notes. I'm good with all of them. (: Though you asking me first was very nice of you, seriously. I'm just surprised you and I arn't closer, you seem like a really nice person ^w^ <3
YHinne Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Goodness! Sorry for this late reply.

I agree. At times, I'd imagine role-playing being far from fun when everyone's wanting to be your friend--I mean, it's nice yes, I'd be happy if people were to like one of my characters as such, but even for me, I like to mix things up. Besides, it's always natural to have enemies, and not only that, it's twice as fun when actually role-playing with a cat who happens to be a rival or, things pertaining to such.
It's not right, and some of those warrior groups out there has no type of problem with it, it would seem. A lot of people rush into becoming mates with another after like, one teeny role - play consisting of 'hi's' and such, and then it's like, BAM! One or the other are in immediate love with eachother and vise-versa. Like, at least have your cats to get to know eachother before jumping into conclusions and searching for keyholes, now. ;n;

Eeeep, Well I'm super glad you sought out Burntpaw, man. ;u; I'm seriously honored--especially if it could potentially help you get back into role-playing--it would be devastating to a lot of people if you quitted such an excellent online, literature excersise. That being said, I hope I have 'what it takes' to motivate you back into it--you asking me to role-play with you is rather intimidating, you know, considering that you are far more excelled in the role-playing field! ;u;

Bwaha, that one about Patchstripe was totally unintentional. I really just needed some additonal lines so the whole relation wouldn't be that of a two-sentence role-play. Although, I find it intruiging that Burntpaw would be more or less unsure about Patch being with Whitefawn. (Even though I absolutely adore that freakin' pair!)

eue I agree. I bet a lot of things would have been different if they *cough*endeduptogether. Aside from that though, I'll always see Blossomsnare as my favorite in WVS/WSC. They are much too cute to put a faux shipping over.</strike>

Personally I think that right now, Skype and Chat would be a bit too heavy bearing on me; personal reasons.
Meaning we are down to notes or the comments(?). I usually roleplay through notes, but I also enjoy roleplaying in the comments, especially now since we have access to the 'mentioning' system. (Awh, golly--thanks, Whitelin! I feel snug now.)
SophSouffle Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude we gotta rp him and Caramel ;m;
YHinne Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Oh my flippin' flip.
We do, man.
We can Roleplay right now if you'd like to. (: ♥

SophSouffle Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome! Skype or Notes?
YHinne Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Uhm, we can go for notes for right now (?)
My Skype is back up and running again, and I'm not sure what your preference on which ever role-playing format you are more comfortable with.
SophSouffle Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That sounds fine dear!
INfernoLynx Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bahh he seems to hate all of my characters ;m;
shira222 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
That kitten pose its like so cuddly ;o; //squeezes the kitten// He's so cute.

Any ways nice drawing.
good-within-u Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Hi! ;w; Burtnpaw was paired up with Splitpaw for the event
YHinne Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Yes, I saw. ;u;
So what then?
Want to roleplay it all out?
good-within-u Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
yes! :3 through note?
YHinne Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Sure! ;u;
good-within-u Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
would you like me to start :3?
YHinne Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Yeah, xD Go ahead.~
Gio-Nii Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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And I think I solved my Skype's problemm.
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whyyyyy--//flails into the abyss

Ravioli Ravioli Time To Kill The Titanolis
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Malec-obsessed-fan12 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omigosh he's adorable!!! ^^ And I love his personality! c: Blunt to the point of rude characters are my favorite. 
YHinne Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Awh! thankyou!
That means so much to me for you to say that.

Ah, yes, I love those type of personalities as well,
it seems cold, and blunt to the point of rude personalities are the best personality trait I work best with,
And I had this little guy for a while,
I've become pretty attached to him ever since. C:
Malec-obsessed-fan12 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I prefer the less bubbly personalities and more cynical or sarcastic ones. They seem to be more sassy which I always loooove. ^^ 
good-within-u Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
awww he's cute! ;w;  Wonder if he would like to chat with Owlsong <3 I want to get Owlsong rped with more cats in willow
YHinne Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Squeep, thank you!~
That means alot, I love this little guy.

Yeah, I have yet to get him situated as well,
Owlsong is so pretty too,
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Burntpaw would absolutely love to chat with her.
Maybe, given his personality~
good-within-u Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
;w; hehhe np!

<3 Owlsong loves making friends! 
SophSouffle Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

omg I missed this little cutie ;u;

Once you add the history section we must rp!

YHinne Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Ah, yes,
He was never going nowhere~
I wouldn't forget about him.

I just finished it! ;u;
And that means that I'll be able to submit it to the group now right?
SophSouffle Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Yay yes you can submit him ;u;

I love him sooooo much <3

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